Hamburg Pike Church of Christ Why Should You go to Bible Class?
Why Should You Worship God?

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Is it time for Bible class?

     The Hamburg Pike church of Christ has classes for everybody! Each Wednesday, class begins at 7:00PM and is over at 7:45PM. And on Sundays, class begins at 10:00AM followed by 'worship.' In class, you will learn lots of things from God. You'll learn from His Word, the Bible. You may sing a song or make a craft. You may even get to have a little snack! Bible class isn't really much different than your class at school, you're just learning different things. (And, in Bible class, you don't usually have to do any math!)

We all should go to Bible class because:

It makes God happy!

The Bible is Godís inspired message for all people!

The Word of God is the only "guidebook" on how to be really good!

Learning God's Word will make us really smart and wise!

The people who know and follow Godís truth will be blessed!

Going to Bible class gives us a chance to study the only message that can help us to go to heaven!

Studying God's Word will prepare us to be faithful servants of Jesus!


     If you've never been to church before, then you may be wondering what the word 'worship' means, well, it means to show reverence and adoration for God; to honor Him. During worship in the church of Christ, we sing, pray, listen to the 'preacher' tell us about God, we remember Jesus Christ, and we give some of our money back to God. These are all things that God has said to do, and we want to please God by doing what He says!

Why Should You Worship God?

God has commanded that human beings are to worship him.

God said to worship Him in spirit and truth.

We are to remember Christís death each Lordís day.


3108 Hamburg Pike
Jeffersonville, Indiana 47130


Bible Class 10:00 a.m.
Morning Worship 11:00 a.m.
Evening Worship 6:00 p.m.

Pew Packers
Hey kids! You are invited to sit up front at 6:00pm every Sunday and have fun singing and learning about Jesus!
Be a Pew Packer!

Bible Class &
Devotional 7:00 p.m.